Soal PAS UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP MTs Tahun 2019

Soal PAS UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP MTs Tahun 2019

Soal PAS UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP MTs Tahun 2019 merupakan Kumpulan Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013 Kelas IX Semester 1 Tahun 2019 yang dapat digunakan oleh rekan pendidik yang akan menyelenggarakan Ujian Kenaikan Kelas atau Penilaian Akhir Tahun
Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013 Kelas 9, Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS/UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Kurtilas, Contoh Soal PAS (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 K13, Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs IX Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban

Saat ini Evaluasi akhir semester untuk peserta didik dari waktu ke waktu mengalami perubahan istilah, yang dulunya dikenal Ujian Kenaikan Kelas ( UKK ) kemudian dikenal menjadi Penilaian Akhir Semester ( PAS ), lalu saat ini lebih populer dengan isitilah baru yakni Penilaian Akhir Tahun ( PAT ).

Namun tentunya istilah tersebut bukanlah sebuah permasalahan, hal yang penting dilakukan oleh tenaga pendidik adalah mempersiapkan peserta didiknya menghadapi Penilaian Akhir Semester ( PAS ) agar hasil yang didapat bisa maksimal.

Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Kurtilas menjadi sesuatu yang harus dipersiapkan oleh bapak dan ibu Guru dalam menyongsong penyelenggaraan PAS/UAS oleh instansi sekolah masing-masing sesuai dengan waktu kalender pendidikan daerah yang telah ditentukan.

Peran pendidik di era kurikulum 2013 menjadi semakin kompleks sehingga terkadang menyita banyak waktu demi menyelesaikan beberapa administrasi yang juga tidak kalah pentingnya guna meningkatkan profesionalisme kinerja sebagai pendidik, akibatnya terkadang pembuatan Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester Genap K13 menjadi sedikit terlambat.

Guna mengatasi keterlambatan tersebut berikut kami sediakan Contoh Soal UAS (PAS) Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 K13 yang dapat bapak dan ibu guru gunakan sebagai referensi dalam membuat soal sehingga proses meramu soal akan sedikit lebih terbantu

Latihan Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 Kurikulum 2013 yang dapat bapak dan ibu Guru unduh gratis di bawah sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban sehingga tinggal sobat guru kembangkan dan sesuaikan dengan pembelajaran di tempat tugas sobat guru sekalian.

Meski demikian Soal PAS/PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs IX Lengkap dengan Kunci Jawaban yang tersedia di bawah ini hanya sebagai Contoh Soal PAS/PAT Kelas IX Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013 saja sehingga sangat disarankan untuk diedit bila ingin digunakan lebih lanjut.

Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

Di bawah ini sedikit gambaran tentang Latihan Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 Kurikulum 2013 sebagai berikut :

1. Bela : I saw your short story on the magazine. . . . , Farah.

Farah : Thanks. What do you think about it?

Bela : It’s smartly written. You created the dynamics between the roles.

What is the suitable utterance to complete the dialog?

A. That’s great

B. I hope you say so

C. Oh, don’t mention

D. Thanks for saying so

The following text is for questions 2 to 3.

Dear Dayana,

Congratulation! After hearing you won an English Speech Contest and you got

a trophy, I am really happy to hear it. I hope you always win in the next year’s contest.

Your friend,


2. What does the above text mostly tell us about?

A. Informing a contest.

B. Praying for someone’s success.

C. Maintaining a good friendship

D. Congratulating on friend’s achievement

3. Why does Dayana get the card above?

E. She is very happy with Adila. .

F. She will get a trophy next year.

G. She is the best student in her class

H. She is the winner of a speech contest.

4. Look at the picture and choose the best wish!

A. Congratulation on your graduation.

B. Have a great school day my friend.

C. What a wonderful birthday!

D. Have a nice trip

5. Sally : My son wants me to get him a computer . . . .

Betty : I think it’s a good idea. Get him one.

Anne : I can’t agree with that. My son spends too much time at the PC.

The correct expression to complete the dialogue above is . . . .

A. Is it necessary?

B. Do you think so?

C. Is it a good solution?

D. What do you think about it?

6. What is the meaning of the underlined expression?

A. To ask for certainty.

B. To show agreement.

C. To express uncertainty.

D. To show disagreement.

7. Denis : Where are the others? They are not having lunch now?

Reno : No. They are all in the library. They . . . for some texts about animals

and plants in the encyclopaedia. Let’s go and join them.

The appropriate word to complete the dialogue is . . . .

A. are looking

B. is looking

C. looking

D. look

8. Vera : You look awful. What happened?

Lina : Yes. My examination result is really very poor.

Vera : You can do better on the next examination.

Lina : I don’t know. I’m not sure.

Vera : You must study harder than before.

Lina : I think so. Thanks, Vera.

What is the meaning of the underlined expression?

A. Expressing obligation.

B. Asking for something

C. Giving an opinion

D. Showing a doubt.

9. We should always wash our fruit before we eat it . . . we will not get diarrhoea.

A. to

B. so that

C. in order to

D. in order not to

10. Dara : Hello Siti. What are you doing here?

Siti : Hello Dara! I want to deposit some money. And,you?

Dara : I do too.

Dara and Siti are at the bank . . . depositing their money.

A. by

B. for

C. because

D. in order to

11. Uncle : When will you have your final exam, Rangga?

Rangga : Next two weeks, Uncle Sam. I’ve been studying hard for it.

Uncle : I . . . you will pass it with good mark.

Rangga : Thank you very much, Uncle Sam.

The most appropriate word to complete the dialogue is . . .

A. know

B. hope

C. agree

D. doubt

12. Dinda : Rosa, how long . . . an orphan?

Rosa : For eight years now. My father died when I was a baby, and my mother died eight years ago.

A. have you been

B. has you been

C. were you

D. areyou

The following text is for questions13 to15.

13. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To offer the medicine to the reader.

B. To announce the function of the medicine.

C. To give information about the medicine.

D. To tell the readers how to make the medicine.

14. Why is the diabetic patient allowed to drink this medicine?

A. It is safe for all diseases.

B. It has good composition.

C. It is free from sugar.

D. It contains sugar.

15. “…or according to doctor’s prescription”.

The underlined word has the same meaning as . . .

A. Details of medicine written by a doctor.

B. Composition of certain medicine.

C. Analyzes of an analyst.

D. Advice of a doctor.

The following text is for questions 16 to 17.

16. The label of the product is important for the readers so that they will ....

A. have an understanding about how to use the product correctly

B. get right information about the product that will be consumed

C. know the places or the stores that sells the product they need

D. have a better information how and where the product is made

17. Based on the nutrition fact, which substance has the highest percentage of all?

A. Calcium. .

B. Sodium

C. Vitamin C

D. Dietary fibre

The following text is for questions 18 to 19.

18. The label is written to make the customers know . . .

A. why the product is good for the body

B. the reason why the product is made

C. the ingredients of the product

D. how to consume the product

19. This product will be suggested for people who suffer from . . . .

A. itchy and cold

B. toothache and acne

C. heart disease and diabetics

D. headache and stomach ache

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.

20. The writer writes the text to remind the readers . . . .

A. to use ATM card correctly

B. to follow the steps in using ATM card.

C. not to be careless when using ATM card.

D. to be always careful in inserting ATM card.

21. What choice appears when you enter your PIN?

A. Select “withdrawal from checking”.

B. Wait for the ATM machine to process.

C. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.

D. Check your belongings before leaving the ATM.

22. After reading the text, it is supposed that the readers will . . . in using ATM card.

A. be wise

B. do better

C. be careful

D. think twice

Versi word dan lebih lengkap dari Contoh Soal dan Kunci Jawab PAS/UAS Semester 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 di atas dapat anda download gratis pada link yang telah tercantum pada akhir artikel ini.

Download Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9

Silahkan bapak dan ibu Guru Download Contoh Soal Ujian Akhir Semester atau Penilaian Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP/MTs Tahun 2019 pada tautan di bawah ini
soal pas english ix   kunci pas english ix 
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